Own a Registered 2022 Paint Filly Sired by NRCHA Million Dollar Sire Woody Be Tuff

WoodyBeTuff filly for saleReady to Go! 2022 Woody Be Blessed Is For Sale

We're looking for a performance home. We know access to a suitable facility is crucial for the growth and training of our filly, Woody Be Blessed. Her new owners should offer ample space for movement and exercise, with clean, well-maintained stalls for resting and sleeping.

Great Opportunity For a Serious Trainer

We look forward to partnering with a knowledgeable and honest trainer to help Woody Be Blessed reach her full potential. A good trainer should have a strong background in preparing horses for shows and be able to offer the necessary cutting and reining training and guidance to our promising filly. 

Blessed as a Yearling, 2022

Commitment from a Responsible Owner

Champion Woody Be Tuff halterA dedicated and responsible owner will give her a chance to reach her potential. If you have experience on the cutting horse or reining horse show circuits, you'll know she only needs to be pointed in the right direction.

Access to Cutting Horse Competitions and Performance Horse Shows

Your show home should be near quality cutting horse competitions and performance horse shows. These events will allow "BeBe" to display her talents and compete against other horses in her class. In addition, they will offer valuable feedback on her performance and areas for improvement, ultimately helping her become a true champion. 

Plan to Become a Champion

Providing Woody Be Blessed with an ambitious show home is crucial for her success. With a good trainer and committed owner, our exceptional Woody Be Tuff sired sorrel filly is destined for greatness in the performance horse arena. Give us a call, and share your plans with us.
Watch Video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgrQuE7wH6U 

Woody Be Blessed Photos

"If you want a horse that can compete at the highest level, look no further than a Woody Be Tuff offspring."
- Boyd Rice|

"Woody Be Tuff's success as a sire is a testament to his own talent and the quality of his genetics."
- Bob Avila
BeBe in Spring 2024
"The offspring of Woody Be Tuff are proving to be just as talented as their sire." - Quarter Horse New

Woody Be Blessed
APHA #01153908.

Wood Be Tough filly for sale
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