Drawing her Lesson Horse

Beginning Horseback Riders Welcome

We're here to teach you to how to ride with confidence. Horseback riding can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Taking riding lessons as a child or young adult lends self-confidence that carries over into every activity in life. Learning to ride as an adult opens a whole new world of competition, or group trail riding with a whole new circle of friends.

Girls and boys, men and women all benefit from their time spent outdoors horseback riding. Learning how to ride a horse helps children discover their true capabilities and strengths. 

Learn How to Ride With Us

Learning to ride a horse takes communication and patience. Working with a horse is different than participating in a group sport; it's a one-on-one partnership, where you and the horse learn to work and listen to each other.

Whether you're learning to dance, ride a horse, or play football, there's a lot of physical effort and strength-building involved in becoming a good rider. Your basic foundations will allow you to progress and help you reach your goals. A solid foundation is everything.

Our goal is to give you a safe foundation that will serve you throughout your life as an equestrian, and beyond.

Call us to set up your next riding lesson.