From Dipped in Gold to Woody Be Tuff: Our Registered APHA Horses

Meet our stunning palomino stallion, Dipped in Gold, a proud descendant of the renowned Three Bars bloodlines. Alongside him, we're thrilled to showcase the get of the sorrel stallion, NRCHA Champion Sire, Woody Be Tuff, the AQHA sire of our young filly. Our horses are not merely animals; they represent a rich American lineage, a vibrant history, and a legacy we are proud to continue.

From Our Palomino Stallion to Our Exceptional APHA Mares

Featuring descendants of the Three Bars sireline, through our palomino stallion, Dipped in Gold, NRCHA Champion sire Woody Be Tough, and our treasured APHA mares.

The Bloodline of Woody Be Tuff
NRCHA Sire; Woody Be Tuff

Woody Be Tuff, a name etched in the annals of equine lineage, has carved a legacy all his own. The stallion's strong, vibrant Three Bars bloodlines are a testament to his exceptional genetics, a gift he has passed onto our precious sorrel filly, "BeBe".

We've been fortunate to use this stallion to carry on his intelligence, and spirit, combined with his muscular build and impressive agility. His foals embody the competitive spirit, toughness, and tenacity that Woody Be Tuff himself is renowned for. 

By blending numerous Three Bars sources, Woody Be Tuff nicked exceptionally well with our Three Bars program.

Dipped in Gold: Our Palomino Stallion 

APHA Stallion; Dipped In Gold portrait

Our pride and joy, Dipped in Gold, is more than a horse - he's a beacon of beauty, strength, and grace. This palomino stallion shinesZip To Hustle brighter than the sun, with a coat that glows like molten gold and a heart as strong as steel.

His Three Bars lineage is as illustrious as his coat, and he has proven to be a valuable component in our APHA cutting horse breeding program. His offspring carry his strength, sweet temperament, and, of course, his golden sheen. 

When his daughter, Peppermint Zip, was bred to Woody Be Tuff, we combined the qualities of both of these stallions. Peppermint Zip's filly, Woody Be Blessed, carries our proven foundation bloodlines forward for another generation of champion Three Bars descendants.

Our Treasured APHA Mares 

Our APHA mares are the heart of our herd, each with their unique charm and personality. They are more than just horses to us; they are family members who have enriched our lives with their spirit, grace, and companionship. 

Their Three Bars lineage is as diverse as their personalities. From the sire line of Three Bars, through the golden foundation breeding of Dipped in Gold, our mares each carry a rich tapestry of genetics that promises a bright future for our cutting-horse-bred Paint Horses.

We’re curious - which descendants of Three Bars are your favorites?

The Sireline of Three Bars 1 "~" per Generation

Three Bars, c.h. 1940
1Three Bars by Percentage 
~~~Ballot 1904
Ballot ch h 1904, by Voter
~Voter 1894
Voter to FriarsBalsam
~~ Hermit 1864
1Hermit to Newminster
~~~Camel 1822
Camel to Whalebone
~Whalebone 1807
Whalebone to Waxy
~~~Eclipse 1764
Eclipse to Marske
~Marske 1750
Marske to Squirt
~~~The Darley Arabian 1700
The Darley Arabian
Three Bars is seventeen generations from The Darley Arabian, the great progenitor of the Thoroughbred, who was imported to England from Syria in 1704.

Seize the Golden Opportunity 

Don't miss out on this golden opportunity. The purchase of our yearling sorrel filly, a cherished offspring of Woody Be Tuff, is a thrilling entrance into the high-stakes world of cutting horse competitions. This is more than just an investment; it's a chance to write your own chapter in the annals of cutting horse history.  (See her papers, at the bottom of the next page.)